Bamboo Ear Hanger Neckie

A soft, breathable single layer Bamboo Terry Neck Gaiter for all of your winter activities. Ear hangers keep the garment in place without having to be too tight across your face. Scooped long in the front and back to eliminate exposed skin around your jacket collar.

Wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.

Please note sizes as there are no returns available for this item.

I wear the LARGE size and I wear the Adult size slouchy hat. I have a large head! My approximate head circumference around nose bridge and back of lower head is 23in./58cms.

My 11yo son wears the MEDIUM. He has a rather large head measuring 21" across bridge of nose and back of lower head.

My 8yo son wears the SMALL size and his measurement is 19".

You do not want the item to be wider than your face. It needs to have a bit of tautness to comfortably sit across your nose. 

TAKE MEASUREMENTS. If you are a petite individual you will not want to size up.

LARGE FLAT measurement: 21" circumference (*note my personal measurement is 23")

MEDIUM FLAT measurement is 20" circumference

SMALL FLAT measurement is 19" circumference


*** You can make adjustments at home if needed. Needle and thread -> put a dart in the back top seam if needed to be smaller. Or cut and sew the ear loops smaller.  


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