Faux Leather Skinnies

We have been asked on repeat to bring back these rad pants! We used the last of our fabric and we won't be reordering.....so don't wait! 

*please note, wear on the patina of the faux leather is going to happening  they will lose their leather in spots or after washes over time  we wore our 4/5y pair for 2 years and eventually they were a soft spandex with a bit of faux leather sheen to them  


0-6 up to: 12" hip to ankle
6-12 up to: 15" hip to ankle
12-24 up to: 18" hip to ankle
2/3 up to: 21" hip to ankle
4/5 up to 24" hip to ankle
6/7y up to 27" hip to ankle

These measurements do not include the length of waist band which can be rolled over to shorten or lengthen the pant.

Designed with a fold over waist and cuffs to extend or shorten length. No elastic in waist band makes the extra comfy on little tummies.

Wash cold and lay flat to dry.

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